Asian Angel Boy Sperm

I had my ticket for the coach in advance and was waiting for my time to leave. I was reading a paper and there was about 20 minutes to pass before my coach was leaving, when suddenly my eyes forced me to look at this incredible figure that walked into the terminal. My eyes couldn’t move, they just followed this young, hot Chinese boy as he took a seat far across the terminal.

At this moment, my cock began to rise; I figured that’s the only time I am going to grasp his features in my mind for a later jack-off. I spread my legs so that my throbbing cock could rise even more, without causing me pain. I was wondering where he was going and what would he do in the coach on his way. Anyway, there was a final call for the departure of my bus, so I went to stand in the queue, and to my anxiety and surprise this guy followed me. So now I knew that he was travelling to the same destination –Toronto.

I boarded the bus and took the 3rd from the last seat as there were enough passengers for one per window seat, leaving the aisle seats vacant. To my continued surprise, this dude came towards my seat; he wanted to sit there, so I motioned him to come to my seat, which he did. As he sat, I began to figure if I would get some of that, and how I would get to it.

Well, as we were on our way, I offered him an orange, which he accepted and said “thank you”. He spoke English okay. I was checking out his assets. When we were half way on our journey, he began to close his eyes and relax. I thought to myself, buddy I can make you more relaxed. My cock was at an all time high and with precum now dripping, so I pretended to fall asleep, and just placed my hand on half of his thigh (there was nobody in the remaining back seats). Then I gradually moved it closer to the clothed cock( he had worn jeans). In no time, I could feel the tremors of him enjoying it. He didn’t open his eyes. His cock started moving for space in the jeans, so I placed my hand right on top and then could feel his hot rod heating up. I pressed slightly, to see his reaction.

He moved slightly, but with eyes still Closed. That’s when I made my move and reached for the zipper and slowly lowered it to open his jeans. I couldn’t believe that I was getting what I wanted. I put my hand under his underwear and felt some precum on that precious juicy piece of meat, and started moving my hand up and down. At that moment, he opened his eyes and just stared in approval.

I said, “Like it?” And he said, (sighing) “Yes,- very good” Then I said, “Then you do me.” He quickly placed his hand on my zipper, removed my cock, and started playing with it. He took his finger and tasted the cum from my cock and said, “I take in mouth”. So I said, “I will jerk you off first, then you suck me.” I continued playing with his cock till it was ready to erupt. It did erupt on my hand and on the back of the seat if front of us.

I handed him a tissue, and tasted his cum that was on my hand. He quickly bent his head towards my cock and I jammed my pole into his mouth, giving me all the pleasure that I could get from his mouth. I was on the verge of cumming, when he got a few drops to lick. Then I removed my cock out of his mouth and let the sperm map his face. I licked some of the cum from his face and started kissing him.

Neither he nor I could let go, as I could feel the smooth lips on him. I finally let go and I had the last go at his ass with my hand and a final blow job of his tool (something for the road for me). Before we departed, he gave me his phone number and email address, and I gave him mine. We finally departed with the remaining trace of the taste of cum in our mouths, to remember the pretty taste of cocks–the fruit of two Asian guys.

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