The Pakistani Lover – by Asian Daddy

Hairy and Married Pakistani Lover

Sometime around 1997, I met a Pakistani man through a personal ad he had placed in a local gay publication.  When Mohammed called me, I was happy that my ad man was a Pakistani however, I was also exited considering that he was married and had two kids.  My experience with married men is that most of them will suck my cock and will open their hairy asshole for me, but when it comes to some form of intimacy such as kissing and cuddling; they will bolt out of bed faster then lightning.   Mohammed described himself to me as tall, husky and very hairy.  I told him that I would only meet him if he is into all kind of sex including kissing.  He told me that the only thing he will not do is to eat asshole; disappointing news, but I could live with it, and beside, I had my other fuck buddies to eat my hole when I needed it. He drove his white minivan up my drive way and opened the door to my living room.  We embraced and French kissed each other as we removed our clothes.  Standing naked in front of me his whole entire body was covered in thick wiry black hair.  Being a Muslim, his cock was cut and it was actually small for a man over 6 feet tall.  My average sized cock was bigger than his.  I took my two hands and feel his hairy back as we continued our kissing.  My finger trailed down to his buttock which was covered with thick hair. He had me sit down on a chair and started to feel my body as his face was now in front of my uncut cock.  He loved my foreskin and got very horny with it.  He made me force myself to stay soft and his thrill was to put my soft cock into his mouth and then have me get hard in his mouth until it reached his tonsil.  He then started sucking my cock, deep throating it with each suck.  We moved to my bed and got into the 69 position.  The sight of his extremely hairy ass got me hard as a rock as I sucked his cock.  I am into mutual play only and since he did not eat ass; even though I wanted to eat his luscious hairy hole, I used my right fingers to pulled and tugged at the dense forest of ass hair.   Mohammed then surprised me by telling me to fuck his asshole.  I put on a rubber and lubed my cock and his asshole with KY and proceeded to push my thick cock into his hole.  He was on his back with his legs over my shoulder and the sight of his hairy hole being breached by my cock was too much.  His asshole was very tight and I had to take my time pushing my cock in.  He had a look of both pain and ecstasy as I eased my cock deep into his hole.  I started to fuck him slowly at first and using my hands to caress the riot of hair from his chest to his cock.  After about 10 minutes, his hole had loosened up and I began to fuck with more speed and force.  Each stroke was hard and deep causing him to moan and groaned out loud.   He took his hand and started to jack his cock as I stuck my fingers down his mustached mouth and he sucked my fingers like tiny cocks.  He came first; his small cut cock shot cum all over his hairy stomach as he let out an orgasmic grunt.  I used my fingers to wipe up his cum and lathered it all over my cock and continued on fucking his ass with the mixture of KY and his cum.  In no time, I shot a wad of cum inside the rubber and pressed my cock deep into his guts.   

We finished our sexual romp with me and him hugging each other and French kissing with our wet tongue.  He cleaned himself up and drove off in his minivan to his waiting wife.  Our sexual fun lasted about one and a half year until his wife became suspicious.  We even managed to have a threesome with another friend of mine.  I will go into detail with a follow up story.  It was hot with an Asian man, a Pakistani and a Caucasian sucking each other cocks.

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